Astuces simples de décorer une bibliothèque

Simple tips to decorate a bookcase

Bookcases fulfill a double function: they serve as storage for novels and as display space for accessories. Learn how to decorate shelves to be both functional and pleasing to the eye. These shelving decorating ideas will help you turn an empty set of shelves into a carefully chosen arrangement.

how to decorate a bookcase

The best decoration for a bookcase often comes from things you already own. Shop around your home to find artwork, frames, vases, and other accessories in a consistent color palette or style. Place the tallest items on the shelf first, distributing the items among the shelves. Complete with the rest of your items, adding stacks of books or magazines and potted plants for added color and texture.

Easy decoration of bookcases

For the perfect bookshelf decor, resist the urge to place a ton of accessories on each shelf. Keep the look clean by choosing one color or tone-on-tone for vases and figurines, and be sure to mix shapes. From time to time, take a step back to assess the overall balance of your arrangement. Place objects off center, or experiment with larger or smaller objects until you like what you see.

Decorate your shelves with souvenirs

Items that hold special meaning to you or evoke certain memories make great shelf decorations. Gather travel souvenirs, flea market art, or treasured collectibles to decorate your shelves. For a more dynamic display, arrange stacks of books horizontally to act as pedestals for small items.

Arrangement of accessories on the shelves

To add interest to your reading, alternate stacking the books horizontally and vertically. One of the best ideas for decorating bookcases is to use accessories as bookends. Brightly colored accents and frames make great bookends and stand out on neutral shelves.

How to arrange the books on the shelves

Arrange books by spine color to create colorful bookshelf decor. Vary heights and create interest by stacking books horizontally and lining them up vertically. If you have volumes that don't go with the others, turn their backs to the wall so that only the pages are visible.

Layered shelves decoration

Deep shelves give you the luxury of playing with layers. Apply artwork to the back of the shelves and anchor them with books or heavier objects. To decorate the bookcase, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. Bulky vases or decorative plates can hide their weight behind small frames without losing their uniqueness.

bold but simple decoration of a bookshelf

If the spines of your books lack visual style, paint the surrounding shelves a contrasting color to draw attention. In this living space, the black built-in furniture stands out sharply against the mostly white decor of the bookshelves and the rest of the room. Flipping the books so that the pages face outward rather than the back can also help shelf decor adhere to a more cohesive color scheme.

Library Storage Ideas

Try utilizing otherwise wasted space with a shelf. In this banquette corner, an empty wall has been transformed into practical storage space thanks to a set of integrated shelves. Organize books and baskets of frequently used items on lower shelves, reserving upper shelves for decorative items or other items you don't often need to reach.

Decoration ideas for modern shelves

Modern bookshelves demand a stripped-down look, so group together a small set of books that are all fairly uniform in size. Accessorize with sleek vases and metallic embellishments, leaving plenty of open shelf space for accessories to shine. Give the whole shelf set a boost with a brightly colored wallpaper backdrop.

Symmetrical decoration of a library

To give desk shelves an organized look, gather a wide variety of collectibles. Place the objects of your choice between the books, creating a free symmetry. If you have a picture frame or a square shape in a shelf, make it a mirror with a similarly shaped and sized collectible on the opposite side. In a wall of bookshelves like this, it's important to scatter books here and there to punctuate the look.

Shelving ideas for the living room

For a decorative bookcase worthy of display, arrange the books and decor on staggered shelves. A slanted shelf, like this one, looks even more interesting with uneven rows and columns. For a living room bookcase, place the most attention-grabbing titles and artwork at eye level for guests to peruse.

Functional storage on a shelf

Decorative shelves are great tools for keeping a living space organized. Slide magazine racks onto the open shelves to store loose papers. Storage boxes conceal clutter and can add bright color to the arrangement. Use flea market finds, decorative containers and potted houseplants to complete your bookshelf decor.

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